Seaweed Extract Powder

Seaweed Extract Powder


  • Seaweed Powder 102 (American Grade)
  • Highest K2O: 35%
    pH 8.5
    Enriched with cytokinins and gibberellins
  • Dose: 50-100 gm/per acre (Spray)


  • Seaweed Powder 202 (High Solubility, Brown Free Flowing Powder)
  • K2O: 20-25%
    pH 6-7.5
    Enriched with:
    Ca, Mg, S, Fe, I, Mn
    Amino Acid
  • Dose:
    150-200 gm/Acre (Spray)
    250-350 gm/Acre (Soil)


  • Improved Seed Germination & Enlarged Root System
  • Natural Soil Conditioner: Revitalizes Worn out Roots
  • Greater Resistance to Stress and Adverse Environmental Conditions.
  • Healthier Foliage and Fruit Appearance , Improve the Fruit Set and Blossoming
  • Resistance to Pests: Contain Antitoxins that Help Plants Fend Bacteria Viruses and Pests
Seaweed Extract Powder
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