Nano Max

Nano Max

(Organic Flowering Stimulant)

Nano Technology Based Micro Molecule Which Contains High Quality
of Protein, Amino Acid, Vitamins, Minerals And other Plant Stimulants.


Properly Dissolve 1 gm in 80 ml of Water Then Mix it in 150 Liter of Water and Spray.


  • Nano-max Increase the Pollination
  • It Improve Strength of Sigma and Ovary
  • Nano Max Increase Number of Flowers, Flower to Fruit Conversion Ratio
  • Maintain Fruit Colour, Fruit Weight and Shine
  • It Inhibits Flower Dropping, Keeps Plant Healthy.
  • It Also Promote Cell Division, Cell Elongation and Enlargement
  • Helps to Improve the Metabolism of the Plant.


  • Tea Garden
  • Floriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Vegetables Crops Pulses.
Nano Max
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