K Shine (Organic Potash Manure)

K Shine

Organic Potash Manure

Increase in Marketable Value of Your Fruit, Vegetable & Flowers

  • Organic Potash Liquid Manure, Synergistic Electron Flora Extract.
  • It Mobilize Potash, P2O5 is Converted to Form PO4
  • Absorb Zn, Ca, Fe, Mn from Soil
  • Increases Shine, Color, Sweetness, Spicyness of all Fruits, Arids & Vegetables Flowers
  • Enhance Freshness and Shelf Life
  • Dosage: Spray 1-2ml/ltr, Drip: 500-1000 Ml/acre Depends Upon Crop
  • Application Time: Like Potash


  • Ocimumbasilicum
  • Azadrirachtaindica
  • Adhatoda Vasaka
  • Embelia Ribes
K Shine (Organic Potash Manure)
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