Gibberlin Auxin – Flowering Stimulant

Gibberlin Auxin

Flowering Stimulant


  • Contain substitute of Gibberlin and Auxin : increase flowering and Fruiting.
  • High in Potassium and Calcium: Increase size and Shine of Fruits.
  • Contains Macro and Micronutrients along with enzymes, vitamins, antioxidant: Increases fruiting texture and size.
  • It contains Polysaccharide : lowers fruit dropping and increase taste of fruit.
  • Anthraquinone: It’s make a film of anthraquinone on plant which act as a pest repellent and antimicrobial.
  • Contains Amino acids : Increase conversion of flower to fruit.
  • Contains Salicylic acid : Act as antistress.
  • Contain Lipids and Carbon complex: Increases carbohydrate in fruits.
  • Gx Increase Production by increasing Flowering, fruit size, shine, colour, taste, number of fruits.


1 ml/liter

Application Time:

Use for increase in flowering and fruiting in interval of 20 days.

Gibberlin Auxin – Flowering Stimulant
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