Zeatine Cytokinin – Plant Growth Promoter

Zeatine Cytokinin

Plant Growth Promoter


  • Contains Zeatin – Cytokinin : This is trans Zeatin which is highly active Cytokinin.
  • Cytokinin increase cell life of plants and boost growth.
  • It contains Nitrogen in Amine form. Amine is smallest form of Nitrogen available in nature. Plant and root uptake amine as soon as it is
    sprayed or given in root.
  • It contains folate and Vitamin C: which act as stimulant.
  • It increases resistance against drought and flood condition.
  • It also contains Calcium and Iron which are very beneficial for plant.
  • It increases Germination , photosynthesis, branching, shelf life, bio mass.
  • Reduce yellowness.
  • It increases soil fertility.
  • It’s complete growth fertilizer. And very good plant food.


2 ml/liter

Application Time:

Germination, 3 leaf stage, mid term growth, after fruit set.
For Poly house and hydrophonic: On Regular basis

Zeatine Cytokinin – Plant Growth Promoter
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