Mycomax (Mycorrhiza + Organic Potash + Micronutrients)

It is a unique blend of Mycorrhiza, Organic Potash & Micronutrients that helps in Root development, Profuse Root Branching, stimulate and enhance Growth, Flowering and increase overall Production. Mycorrhiza stimulates Root Development and Potash & Micronutrients helps in Growth Promotion, Flowering & Fruiting.


  • Develops White Roots and Profuse Root branching.
  • Promotes Cell Division, Branching and Flowering.
  • Drought Resistant & Healthy Growth.
  • Protects Plants from Many Soil Borne Infections.
  • Reduces Transplantation, Salinity & acidic Shock.
  • Overall Crop Yield Enhancement more than 30%.


1 Kg/Acre

Mycomax (Mycorrhiza + Organic Potash + Micronutrients)
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