Green Kelp Seaweed Extract

Green Kelp Extract is made from Ulva lactuca (Sea Lettuce) and other green Kelp by cold enzymic treatment with hydrolysis.

This species is considered to be one of the finest Seaweed for Agriculture use in the world. This seaweed is excellent source for readily available Potassium, Proteins, Carboxylic, Auxin, Gibberellins and alginates.


  • It promotes cell division
  • It accelerate the transportation of water and nutrients
  • It increase photosynthesis
  • Promotes flowering


  • Foliar Spray: 1 gm per liter or 200 gm/acre
  • Seedling Treatment: Treat with 1 Gm/ Litre
  • Soil Application: 500 gms per acre
  •  Liquid solution: Can be made solution of 10-15% concentrate
Green Kelp Seaweed Extract
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